About Kalu Creations

Abouttopleft Kalu Creations was established in 2011 as a joint venture between me and my daughter Lucy. We started making jewellery and loved it, creating more than we could ever wear ourselves! We decided to start selling at various local craft fairs and after stumbling across a fabulous craft shop while on holiday in Florida, and returning with a stash of bright fabrics, we added quilts to our range.

CommisionOrigins of Patchwork

Patchwork was originally done as a matter of thrift, reusing the good parts of old garments to make quilts. Nowadays, quilts made from old clothes are known as memory quilts.

Future plans

I plan to expand the range of handmade products I sell. I'd also like to have a guest page for other crafters to sell their creations. I'd also like to share my skills so if you are interested in attending a workshop or classes to learn how to patchwork and quilt please get in touch.